Stupid campaigns against bike-helmets

In a Twitter-comment to a discussiuon on bike-helmet laws, i wrote:

“More people dies from inactivity than from not using helmets. But the helmet saved my head.”

It sums up my opinion on bike-helmet laws: Use of helmets should not be compulsory, but I recommend the use of helmet. I am using helmet most of the time when I am riding my bike.

To my surpirse I got rather insulting replies from Amsterdamized and Copenhagenize, organisations that support cycling.  As a reply to my tweet, Amsterdamized wrote:

“sorry, no it didn’t. Physics make that impossible. Research.”

They are refering to “research”, but they are still able to make a definitive conclusion about my accident, without any knowledge of what happened. One cannot take people who are referring to “research” seriously when they can make unsubstatiated statements like this. My reply was:

“The helmet was damaged, the head inside was not. Enough for me.”

Copenhagenize added insult by writing:

“Did you see the face of jesus in the clouds, too? “

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